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I am a 123 lbs. drug-free, female, powerlifter. Check out my site. I will update it often with new and exciting information regarding my powerlifting.


Height: 5’ 3”
Weight: 120 lbs
Body fat %: fluctuate between 9% and 12%
Date of Birth: September 25, 1969
Hometown: Spokane, Washington
Began Powerlifting: 1997, Took 3 years off between 2004 and 2007
Powerlifting Organizations:
Coach: Self
Weight Class: 123 lbs Open Women, Master's Women

Best Lifts
303 lbs Squat 
204 lbs Bench
363 Deadlift 
852.5 Total

Competition Results

2014 July 17-19 USAPL Raw National Championship Aurora, CO bodyweight 56kg
Squat 95kg/204lbs
Bench Press 72.5kg/160lbs
Deadlift 127.5kg/281lbs
Total 295kg/649lbs (this was my second raw event since 1997. Every lift was a personal best in a meet)
Gold Medal Master's 1 Division

2012 May 19-20 USAPL Women's National Championship Boise, ID, bodyweight 56.2 kg
Squat 303 lbs (new WA State record 60 kg class)
Bench Press 187.5 lbs
Deadlift 363 lbs (new personal best) (new WA State record 60 kg class)
Total 852.5 lbs (new persoanl best) (new WA State record 60 kg class)
Silver Medal Master's Division
Bronze Medal Open Division

2012 April 20-22 IPF Master's World Bench Press Championship Aurora, CO, bodyweight 57.9 kg
Bench Press 193 lbs (silver medal)

2011 Sept 26-Oct 1 IPF Master's World Championship St Catharines, Ontario Canada, bodyweight 54.1 kg
Squat 281 lbs
Bench Press 193 lbs (gold metal)
Deadlift 358 lbs (silver medal)
Total 832 lbs
Overall Bronze Medal

2011 May 20-22 USAPL Women's Nationals, Atlanta, GA bodyweight 54.8kg
Squat 303 lbs (personal best)
Bench Press 193 lbs (personal best)
Deadlift 347 lbs
Total 843 lbs (national record)
Gold Metal Master's Division
Bronze Medal Open Division

2010 Sept 27-Oct 3 IPF Masters World Championships, Pilsen, Czech Republic Bodyweight 53.6 kg
Squat 253 lbs (bronze medal)
Bench Press 186.25 lbs (gold medal)
Deadlift 352.5 lbs (silver medal)
Total 792.75lbs
Overall Silver Medal

2010 Aug 4-7 NAPF North American Powerlifting Championships, Aguadilla, Puerto Rico Bodyweight 54.3 kg
Squat 286.5 lbs
Bench Press 176.25 lbs
Deadlift 352.5 lbs (Personal Best)
Total 815.25 lbs (Personal Best)
Gold Medal Masters 1 Division
Silver Medal Open Women Division
Champion of Champions Overall Masters

2010 May 22-23 USAPL Womens Nationals, Cleveland, OH bodyweight 54.2kg
Squat 276 lbs
Bench Press 181.75 lbs
Deadlift 347.5 lbs (Personal Best and new National Record)
Total 804 lbs
1st place Masters 1
5th place Open Women

2010 March 31-April 3 IPF Masters World Bench Press Competition, Orlando, FL Bodyweight 121 Lbs
Bench Press 85kg/187.25lbs 
3rd Place (Bronze Medal) Masters 1, 56kg Women

2010 Feb 27 USAPL Washington State Championships, Olympia, WA Bodyweight 119 Lbs
Squat 286.5 lbs (personal best)
Bench Press 176.25 lbs
Deadlift 341.5 lbs
Total 804.25 lbs (personal best)
1st Place Open Women and Masters 1
Overall Women

2009 Aug 4 IPF Pan Am Powerlifting Championships and NAPF Powerlifting Championships in Miami, FL bodyweight 117 lbs
Squat 242.5 lbs
Bench Press 181.75 lbs
Deadlift 319.5 lbs
Total 743.75 lbs
2 Gold Metals and the Masters 1 Champion of Champions Award

2009 June 27 USAPL Seattle Summer Classic, bodyweight 117.4 lbs
Squat 264 lbs (new personal best)
Bench press 181.5 lbs
Deadlift 330 lbs
Total 775.5 lbs (new personal best!) 2nd place Open Women

2009 May 23 Pride Powerlifting in Missoula, MT, bodyweight 119.4lbs
Raw Bench Press 150 lbs
Equipped Deadlift 345lbs (personal best)

2009 Feb. 14 USAPL Women's Nationals in Miami, Bodyweight 118lbs
Squat 248 lbs (personal best in a meet)
Bench press 182 lbs
Deadlift 308 lbs
Total 738 lbs -2nd place Masters 1 and 4th place Open Women

2008 Nov. 13th WABDL World's in Las Vegas, bodyweight 116lbs 
Deadlift - World Champion!!! (first place) with a lift of 320 lbs
Bench Press - 2nd place with a lift of 165 lbs

2008 Oct. USAPL in Seattle, WA, bodyweight of 116lbs
Full Powerlifting- First Place with a total of 706lbs 

2008 Aug. Pride Powerlifting in Kennewick, WA, bodyweight 118lbs
Open Women Deadlift-First Place
Open Women Bench Press-First Place
Sub-Master Women Deadlift-First Place
Sub-Master Women Bench Press-First Place

2008 July Pride Powerlifting in Coeur D’Alene, ID, bodyweight 116lbs
Deadlift-First Place
Bench Press- First Place

2008 March WABDL in Pasco, WA, bodyweight 116lbs
Deadlift-First Place
Bench Press- First Place

2007 March WABDL in Pasco, WA, bodyweight 111lbs
Deadlift-First Place
Bench Press-First Place

Titan is where I get all my lifting gear, equipment and clothing.

Current Health Team:The following people help keep my in one piece and able to compete. Thank You!

Susan Barrett, DC 509 927-8997
Kelly Bartleson, PT 509 838-2531 ext.2010

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